Ischia Island

The green island is one the most quoted destinations of world travelers thanks to its immense natural and cultural patrimony.

Nature walks along ancient woodland and mountain paths offer days of tracking exercise while you discover the natural beauty of the volcanic island's geologic treasures.On the way you will find lots of caves where the best local wines are stored and appreciate that the land is still farmed in the manner of olden days. You will be able to stop by any trattoria and taste authentic flavors of the Island's traditional cuisine. Wild rabbit is a particularly noted specialty, but seafood and vegetarian specialties also abound. Crystal clear sea and white beaches all around are a paradise for those who love to spend their holidays in seaside sunshine.

Snorkeling, sailing or any water sport are readily available.

Nightlife is very active in various locales from Riva Destra to the Piazzetta of S.Angelo. Local musicians perform a range of styles from traditional favorites to contemporary popular. From Forio to Casamicciola where, people never seem to sleep, to Ischia and the delightful pedestrian zones of Ischia Ponte, exquisite storefronts provide a feast for the eyes in a festival atmosphere that will delight the most discerning window shopper. Castello Aragonese, the archaeological museum of Villa Arbusto, the archaeological excavations at the Church of Santa Restituta, the botanic gardens of La Mortella and Ravino, baroque churches, art galleries, book stores, concerts and much more offer something for every cultural interest.